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Cambridge Dental Associates



Dental Care

Teeth Cleanings: We offer regular check-ups and cleanings to protect your smile

Fillings: We offer composite (tooth colored) fillings to repair damaged and decayed teeth. Amalgam (silver)fillings are available on request.  Please discuss the options with your dentist before treatment is rendered.

Crowns: We place a tooth-like covering placed over a prepared existing tooth in order to strengthen, restore and improve the appearance of the natural tooth.

Bridges: A series of crowns fused together to replace the space when one or more teeth have been lost.

Dental Implants: Our dentists are trained in the latest dental technology and they place dental implants to replace missing teeth and to provide an alternative treatment option to a bridge.

Dentures: We make dentures, another alternative for replacing missing teeth

Root Canals: We offer specialized treatment to save teeth that are damaged or diseased due to a deep cavity or traumatic injury.

Periodontal Care: We treat and prevent gum disease through deep cleanings, as well as specialized surgeries.

Emergency Care: We accept and take immediate care of emergencies.

Cosmetic Dental Care

Veneers: We offer ceramic veneers, to drastically improve the appearance of front teeth.

Bonding: We improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, broken, stained, or have spaces between them.

Ceramic Crowns: We carefully select our materials and work with only top laboratories to guarantee the best results for the patient.

Clear Correct: An alternative, invisible way to straighten your teeth without using braces. Clear Correct is both comfortable and aesthetic.

Tooth Whitening: We offer take home and in office tooth whitening to brighten stained, discolored or yellow teeth




Cambridge Dentist - Cambridge Dental Associates
Associates Office - 126 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 - ph. (617) 492-8210
Annex Office - 897 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139 - ph. (617) 871-1482

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